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Wednesday, July 1, 2009, 8:15 PM

Warper Party, The Delancy Lounge, 168 Delancey near Clinton St.


go on now, tease me


some videos and more tracks on myspace


Live music for the 1924 Soviet Science Fantasy


In collaboration with PAMELIA KURSTIN playing Theremin.
Nick plays a 1980s Soviet Polivoks Synth and other keyboards.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005, 7:30 PM, The Cinema Arts Centre

streaming audio excerpt




mini live doki-doki improv thing with
t o m o e   s h i n o h a r a !

May 8, 2005 @ SHARE



The Film Worlds of Nicholas D. Kent
DVD now available
NTSC Region Free DVD-R format
Over 2 hours worth of short and medium length videos and films all in full TV resolution.
Many pieces have stereo sound. One is mixed 5.1 surround audio (will also playback on standard equipment)
Plays fine on nearly all North American & Japanese DVD players
and on most computers with DVD drives worldwide.

Price: $25. (U.S.) postpaid worldwide.
Paypal and U.S.Postal Money Orders accepted.
Money back in the unliklihood that playback is a problem.
contact: ndkent (at) optonline (.) net

catch some low res videos on youtube


Live music for F.W.Murnau's 1926 film


In collaboration with PAMELIA KURSTIN playing Theremin

Thursday, 7PM, March 10, 2005, The Cinema Arts Centre

mp3 excerpt

- An audio CD will be released soon -



Nicholas D. Kent appears as a guest on the live CD by
EXIAS-J electric conception

balance of chaos
2003.10.30-11.6 live in New York
(PSFD-154, Modern Music/P.S.F.Records, Japan)
recorded at Phonomena, Subtonic, NYC




recent mp3 and video tracks:
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{Hieratic} ambient mix

{Hieratic} music video
17 Mb, requires QuickTime 6

come and meet our arp made beat
download a performance .mp3 (19.5 meg)

of the above for those who just want to download a little bit (0.9 meg)

I see gear
pic for gearaholics

Nicholas D. Kent and John Blackford play dual Synthi
recorded at the Placard Festival NYC
July 17, 2003, @ The Tank, 42nd Street


More Live Show Pictures and Sounds!
Synthi duet with John Blackford 2/27/03

download an mp3 from the soundtrack to
Glenn Andreiev's
new independent feature
Every Move You Make

the director and a clips were recently seen on CNN and Court TV

Also covered in Premiere Magazine and The New York Post
and as a segment on (take a deep breath)… The View


solo track recorded live at Share in 2002-
a man, a hat, a plan
This is a 14 megabyte mp3 and will
probably be a rather long download.

photograph above by Harlan Emil Gruber
from phonomena @ subtonic, nyc


something to watch...

ŒDIPUS REX animation
needs Quicktime 4 or higher, 11 megabytes

another video: imp of the perverse
needs Quicktime 6 or higher, 16 megabytes

in 1999 nick played laptop at Mandala2 in Kichijoji
and at Pangaea in Nishi-Shinjuku
pic + gig courtesy mirai


pictures & live sounds from
(11/5/03 F:T:H @ Remote Lounge, NYC)



hear sounds from my live set
(2/16/03 Share @ OpenAir, NYC)
Share A
Share B


Live Music for the Silent Cinema

performed by o.blaat and myself for the film Diary of a Lost Girl starring Louise Brooks and directed by G.W.Pabst in 1929
Tuesday, June 17th, 2003, Cinema Arts Center, Huntington, NY
*** click on each picture above to hear different mp3s, opt or alt click to download***


props to the best spootcore band ever - ArtSkool while I'm at it


Artskool music downloads on sale
and a CD album is available from HC3

ArtSkool makes a guest appearance as part of the mosaic via post cd

Nick recorded a live set with
EXIAS-J, 2003.11.06


my professional qualifications




here goes the world wide kind compilation CD
I'm on it and ArtSkool is on this one too!

you can get it at



some of my travel photographs are on display @
The Museum of Something


vintaj mp3s



check back more nick downloads to come


here is an informational site i've been building on electronic music albums from japan



shin nihon kikou



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I'm distributing this DVD. [click to order]


...in memory of
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