Some outside links:

Techno-Electro-Synth Pop Academy lots of info on many artists

UNSOUND (various music and visual artists)

Bonsai's J-Pop Pages - all sorts of music and entertainment links

Tokyo Record Stores -aimed at English speaking people looking for imports in Tokyo. None the less a fine guide. of Tokyo record shops in English.

Tokion Magazine the magazine has many interviews with interesting artists

Rock of Japan says it all (and omits all that crappy rock, just concentrates on the good stuff)

Japanese Pop on

Bill Nelson great British artist who was a guest on some fine YMO-related albums

Sonore a French label and online import CD shop specializing in Japanese avant pop.

Friendly Links

Music Web-0-Rama- what this page is sitting on. !

Artskool, the band who did the overall Music Web-O-Rama

Ashera is an Australian ambient act worth checking out.

Secret Service / Secret Secret web

Frederic Rossille is a French composer greatly inspired by some of the artists mentioned here.

C.T. a Houston based Vietnamese guitarist/songwriter who does a cool rock/rap/techno thing


I'm on this CD

more artist specific links with the individual artists.

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